Welcome to the Dove Center.


The Dove Center provides safety, advocacy, and counseling to individuals whose lives have been shattered by domestic violence and/or sexual assault, and strives to expand public awareness of those issues.


We will strive:

  • To provide empathic, effective counseling and education, with the goal of having every client live free from abuse after leaving the program.
  • To emphasize innovation in the delivery of our services in an effort to reach as many victims as possible.
  • To create a community that recognizes and acknowledges domestic violence and sexual assault, and holds offenders accountable, thereby upholding victims’ rights.
  • To change attitudes and beliefs which condone domestic violence and sexual assault, so as to prevent such crimes from occurring.


We place the physical, mental, and emotional security and well being of our clients and staff ahead of all other considerations.

We provide services aimed at effective recovery in all of our treatment programs and interventions.

Individualized Client Service:
We match our array of services to the appropriate needs of our clients, and to the program standards set forth by our State guidelines.

We rely on effective partnerships inside and outside of the Dove Center to lift our performance to a higher level.

Fiscal Responsibility:
We exercise appropriate diligence in caring for the resources and assets placed in trust with us.