Safety Planning

Things to Take When Leaving

Dove Center staff is available 24/7 through the help-line, to assist with safety planning. We encourage you to call for assistance. Some things that you can do on your own are:

Keep a getaway bag in a safe place (such as a friend or family member’s house), with the following items in it:

  • Clothing for yourself and your children
  • Birth certificates, social security cards, pay stubs, medical records
  • Medication or prescriptions
  • Extra money, checks, credit cards, bank account information, and insurance information
  • Keys to your house and car
  • Documentation of abuse from the hospital, doctors or police, if you have it.
  • Court documents such as Protective Orders, custody documents, etc.

Dove Center advocates are available to accompany you to court to obtain a Protective Order. They can help guide you through the process, and help you, and your children to find safety.